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Creation of Daily Self Affirmations to be Better Than Yesterday

I am strong. I am healthy. I am beautifully attractive. I am confident.
I am discipline. I can stay focus.
I have written clear goals and I am taking actions to realize all my needs and wants.
I make good choices and the right decisions.

I am elegant. I am calm and composed. I can control my emotions and speak only kind and positive words.
I do not complain for the course I can’t change. I must have patience to advise those who I love & immensely care for.
I am honest. I am a woman with integrity.
I am faithful. I love only one man truly and wholeheartedly.
We support each other and make an ideal happy family together.

I am rich in mind, heart and wallet.
I attract positivity, attention and money.
I am enough to do everything I want to do.
I am complete. I am happy.
Luck, Clarity and Wisdom, keep flowing to me in abundance endlessly…