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The Queen

A recent encounter was rather short and disappointing. He struggled to offer what he regarded as the best and eventually denied me as a princess. He was impatient and failed to truly identify who I am.

I am indeed not a princess. I am royally as a Queen. A Queen does not need saving. She is bold. She is daring. She is intimidating.

In reality, you can find many princesses in the world but the Queen prefers to live in humble solitude. Queen is not loud for attention seeking but her graceful composure attracts all eyes. She does not need a crown to prove her royalty. She does not wear lavish jewelry to uphold her majesty. She is fated with tumbles in life but she never surrender in defeats.

A queen is forbidden to choose her king. It is a queen’s destiny to survive through battles of adversity so that she can transpose a man to be a King.

In history of all centuries, great kings were empowered by queens. He must first learn to dignify great respects for others before he can appreciate the presence of a queen, if she accepts him. Howbeit, she allows discord and renouncement.

Nonetheless, Thank you for gratified me with luxury of a princess. Unfortunately my destiny is to live as a Queen.